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Our Story

Hazelwood Energy Hub will be a new development on one of the early energy storage fields in Louisiana. Gulf Oil saw the benefits of this salt dome for the safe storage of LPG as early as 1955. In 2005, 84 acres of the salt dome became home for a successful FERC-permitted natural gas storage facility with a potential capacity of 46 bcf. Now, HEH is developing an additional 340 acres of the dome to meet the growing needs of Louisiana, the Energy Coast, and the world.

Why Now?

Volatile oil prices, the increase of US oil production, the instability of imported supplies, and the advent of crude oil export all emphasize the need to have a safe and steady supply of oil to meet our country’s energy needs. Today’s rapidly changing market conditions create new opportunities and new challenges for Louisiana’s energy industry; Hazelwood will help refiners and other end users meet these challenges by improving their supply and storage flexibility.

Why Here?

  • Hazelwood Energy Hub is strategically located
  • Safe, well-documented, high-quality salt dome
  • Optimal pricing and delivery point in Louisiana for natural gas, crude, ethylene and NGLs
  • Storage caverns with high capacity receipt/delivery capabilities
  • Multiple pipeline interconnects and competitive rail and barge access
  • Central location for both domestic and export markets