Cross Section

Storage and Transportation


  • Initial capacity will be 12 million barrels in two caverns
  • Expansion to  32 millions barrels in four caverns during second phase
  • Each cavern is approximately the size of the Empire State Building
  • Surface tanks with 500,000 barrel capacity

Transportation Services

  • New Barge Terminal at the Port of Krotz Springs  – New facilities will provide transportation options for customers and bring an under-used industrial location back into business
  • Multiple pipelines nearby
  • Union Pacific Railroad mainline is on Hazelwood site
  • Highway 190 is adjacent to the site
Gulf Coast Refineries
HEH is strategically located to support Gulf coast refineries.

  • 340 Acres of proven salt
  • Adjacent to 29bcf natural gas storage facility
  • Secure location for weather events
  • Existing oil-field service roads and rail crossings
  • Strategically located to support the North American and export storage markets