Long Term Investment in St. Landry Parish

  • Over $400 million capital investment in 2 years, with potential for expansion in the future
  • Increased tax revenue for the parish
  • High value jobs, both during construction and long-term

Safety First

  • Proven technology – Underground salt caverns have been used to safely store oil and other products since the late 1930s.
  • No fracking
  • No dangerous chemicals or fumes. The only product used to create the caverns is water, with no additional chemicals or additives.
  • Naturally self-sealing – Salt is nearly impermeable to the flow of oil, which eliminates the risk of product leaking. The entire U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which is our nation’s emergency oil supply, is stored 100% in underground salt dome caverns in Louisiana and Texas just like the ones at HEH.
  • Protection for the community water supply – As was done with Bobcat Gas Storage, excess brine will be inject into existing saltwater bearing zones, approximately 6,000 feet below the surface. It never mixes with the local water supply, which is less than 500 feet below the surface. The local water supply will be monitored during the cavern creation process, and the results will be available to the public

Salt Dome Cross Section

HEH’s Commitments

  • Protecting our Environment – Hazelwood is committed to minimizing our footprint and upholding the highest safety standards.
  • Supporting our Community – We are proud to partner with local organizations as well as support our employee’s community involvement and volunteerism.
  • Caring for our Employees – The Health and Safety Policy will direct that our employees’ health and safety be a priority, and that all employees will be trained and empowered in site security, accident investigation and emergency preparedness.
  • Managing our Resources – Our guiding principle is to do more with less — keeping our impact low and our efficiency high.
  • Meet or Exceed All Safety Regulations – Our caverns are many times further from the edge of the salt dome than required by state regulations.

Salt Dome Illustration